HempSeed Bhang



Hemp Bhang Southwest Barbecue Southwest Barbecue 

A delicious, tangy, savory and lightly crunchy snack perfect for a salad topper, seasoning or dry rub!


Sweet Cinnamon

Sweet Cinnamon is a low sugar snack that is perfect as a topper for yogurt and on-the-go treat for your sweet tooth!


Thai Coconut Lemongrass

Thai Coconut Lemongrass is a new protein snack with a kick, perfect for salads, soups and dressings!

The premium hemp seeds used in our HempSeed Bhang snack are carefully selected and cultivated specifically for our protein energy treat, using environmentally friendly farming practices. HempSeed Bhang is as unique as the people who created it. Our idea for HempSeed Bhang came from a love of health and delicious snacking. Developed with care and respect for all things living, we are proud to offer you a snack that gives back to the earth. With that, we are pleased to introduce you to HempsGood HempSeed Bhang!

Our HempSeed Bhang snack is a delicate blend of unshelled and shelled hemp seeds with a burst of flavor and just the right amount of crunch. When you need taste-good energy that satisfies your hunger, you can’t go wrong with HempSeed Bhang. Check our all of our flavors and add a nutritious Bhang to your life each and every day!