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Gourmet News, “Satisfying Snacks for the Nutrition Conscious Consumer”, Lorrie Baumann

“HempsGood offers three flavors of a snack product called HempSeed Bhang: Thai Coconut Lemongrass, Southwest Barbecue and Sweet Cinnamon. These flavored hemp seed products are packaged in “stickpacks,” pouches about the size of a candy bar from which the crunchy mix of unshelled and shelled hemp seeds is poured. HempSeed Bhang is gluten free, vegan and low in sugar, and each 20-gram stickpack delivers 7 grams of protein as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. HempSeed Bhang is a natural source of dietary fiber and has no artificial ingredients.”

Whole Foods Magazine, “From Obscurity to Mainstream: Healthy Foods Accelerate at Fancy Food 2016”, Nancy Trent

“HempsGood uses environmentally sustainable farming practices to cultivate premium hemp seeds to use in its HempSeed Bhang seasoning and snacks. With different flavors to add to meals or eat on their own, it’s easy to get the nutrients you need to get through the day happy and energized!”